Hipposandales Scoot Enduro

€ 300 EUR
Conçu par un maréchal-ferrant pour le cheval pieds nus, le Scoot Enduro supporte également les mules pieds nus et est idéal pour les longues distances. Il est doté de sangles entièrement réglables autour des bulbes du talon et s'adapte à différents types de sabots, en particulier les talons hauts.

  • Robuste, durable et léger
  • Excellente traction, semelle flexible
  • Bout, côtés et dos ouverts sans pression d'ampoule
  • Excellent drainage et ventilation
  • Sangles réglables, sans câbles ni velcro
  • Options de sangles colorées
  • Tailles disponibles : 00, 0, 1, 2, 3
  • Gamme de sangles anti-boue fournies pour garantir la bonne taille
  • La sangle de l'ampoule peut être allongée ou raccourcie
  • L'extension d'ampoule place la sangle d'ampoule dans la bonne position pour les talons hauts ou inférieurs.
  • 2 réglages pour ajuster les vis arrière

Option 1 : Utiliser notre service de dimensionnement

Cette option vous offre une taille gratuite, une livraison gratuite, un contrôle d'ajustement gratuit, des échanges et des retours gratuits.

Utiliser notre service de dimensionnement est le moyen le plus précis de trouver la taille de votre Scoot Enduros à partir des mesures.

Téléchargez vos photos de mesure de sabot via notre formulaire de dimensionnement et nous vous répondrons avec votre taille correcte. Nous échangerons volontiers et gratuitement vos Scoot Enduros s'ils ne conviennent pas.

Aller au formulaire de dimensionnement

Option 2 : Trouvez votre taille grâce au tableau des tailles

Cette option vous permet uniquement de retourner et d'échanger. Vous devrez couvrir vos frais d'expédition.

Étape 1 :  Cliquez ici pour les instructions de mesure

Étape 2 : Mesurez le sabot de chaque cheval dans les 2 semaines suivant une coupe pieds nus.

Étape 3 : Utilisez ce tableau des tailles pour trouver la taille dont vous avez besoin.

Veuillez noter : les Scoot Enduros conviennent aux sabots difficiles à ajuster, qui sont droits, hauts ou qui ont des talons enfoncés qui ne peuvent pas s'adapter aux Scoot réguliers ou minces. Veuillez nous envoyer des photos et nous pourrons confirmer si les Scoot Enduros conviennent aux sabots de votre cheval.

Tableau des tailles Scoot Enduro

Option 3 : Trouvez un revendeur dans votre région

Utilisez notre localisateur de revendeurs pour trouver quelqu'un à proximité pour un essayage en personne.

Trouver un revendeur

Customer Reviews

Based on 88 reviews
Kyle Benson
Rub the sides of my horses feet

When I keep the side straps on the tighter side, the boots stay on great, but rub the sides of my horses feet. When I loosen them, the boots fall off. I am still playing around with adjusting them and scoot boot gives you all the tools you need to customize to your horse. I do wish my horse could use the regular scoots instead of enduros due to the side straps though.

Lisa Sweeney
Brilliant Service

The team at Scoot Boot were so helpful in getting my horse Timmy fitted. This was not easy as he has some scar tissue on one of his heels. Thank you

Amy Privett
Great product

We live in harsh rocky environment. Scoot boots have helped our horses immensely and we can actually ride them outside of the soft arenas now. Fast postage and customer service is on point. Thanks team!

Chaunty G
Even better this time

I bought scoot boot slims for my younger mare and really, really liked them, so switched my older mare from shoes as well. Using the sizing service it was determined she needed enduros, which I’ll admit I was a little apprehensive about at first - the heel strap concerned me. However, my older mare is going GREAT in the enduros, better than my younger mare! There are no rubbing issues (definitely use the sizing service) and I appreciated all the sized straps and accessories included with the pair purchase. She loves them and I am SO happy we got her out of shoes.

One of my students accidentally put her out with the enduros on overnight. When I discovered this the next morning, she had lost one. Interestingly, it appeared it had just popped off - everything was intact and nothing broken, I’m still using it. Both of her hooves/legs were cleaned and uninjured, no rubs/scrapes/swelling. This made me feel much better about using them for extended periods of time or about them getting caught on brush.

My one complaint is that I wish the mud straps were easier to get on. I run a riding school and all of my students have a really difficult time getting the straps through the sleeve together. I am probably the only one in my barn who can get them on in a timely manner, and even then it is longer than I would like, as the original scoots take only a minute or two. Also when it is cold, or when a student has arthritic hands, it gets a bit miserable.

That is the only reason I’m giving these 4 stars, although I really love them, the fit on my horse, their durability and safety. Would probably purchase them again and suck up the difficult mud straps.

If anyone had tips and tricks regarding the mud straps, I’d love it!

Love these boots

I have an OTTB who is mouthy with his apparel, and had ripped the Velcro off many a bell boot. Spending $200+ on the typical Velcro style hoof boof just sounded like a waste and I knew others who used them who experienced bad thrush issues. We've been in the Euros for several months now and I love them. They stay on through turn out and work, they fit him through a whole trim cycle (and longer with heel adjustments). We tried the regular Scoot Boots and he could get all the straps loose, so those are his hind boots now. I have cooking spray in my tack trunk that keeps them easy to put on and off (take them off every couple days to get any caked dirt out of the hoof and boot). Highly recommend!

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