Scoot Enduro Hoof Boots

€ 273 EUR

Designed by a farrier for the barefoot horse, the Scoot Enduro also supports barefoot mules and is great for long distance riding. It has fully adjustable straps around the heel bulbs and accommodates various hoof types, especially high heels.

  • Robust, durable and lightweight
  • Excellent traction, flexible sole
  • Open toe, sides and back with no bulb pressure
  • Excellent drainage and ventilation
  • Adjustable straps, no cables or velcro
  • Coloured strap options
  • Available sizes: 00, 0, 1, 2, 3
  • Range of mud straps provided to ensure correct size
  • Bulb Strap can be lengthened or shortened
  • Bulb Extender places the bulb strap in the correct position for underrun or high heels
  • 2 settings to adjust rear screws

Option 1: Use our sizing service

This option gives you free sizing, free shipping, free fit check, free exchanges and returns.

Using our sizing service is the most accurate way to find your Scoot Enduros size from measurements.

Upload your hoof measurement photos through our sizing form and we will reply with your correct size. We will happily exchange your Scoot Enduros free of charge if they do not fit.

Go To Sizing Form 

Option 2: Find your size with the sizing chart

This option only allows you to return and exchange. You will need to cover your shipping costs.

Step 1: Click here for measurement instructions

Step 2: Measure each horse's hoof within 2 weeks of a barefoot trim.

Step 3: Use this sizing chart to find the size you need.

Please note: Scoot Enduros are suitable for hard to fit hooves that are upright, high or have underrun heels that cannot fit into regular or slim Scoots. Please send us photos and we can confirm if Scoot Enduros are right for your horse's hooves.

Scoot Enduro Sizing Chart  

Option 3: Find a stockist in your area

Use our  stockist locator to find someone nearby for an in-person fitting.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
chiaralisa randone

don’t move at all

Erzsebet Bona
Measurement is perfect, helpful product for sensitive hoofs

It really helped to my horse sensitive hoofs, only the little plastic holding together the straps
Is very difficult to put on and remove, too tights

Kim Harnish
Difficult to put on

I like the way my horse moves in them; they are light and flexible on his hooves. However, they tend to rotate on his hoof when doing turns on the forehand, and it is extremely difficult to thread the mud strap through the mud strap collar.

Herding Dog
Perfect for me.

I started with Scoots for an older previously foundered gelding. I tried several different brands/styles and then hit Scoots. He couldn’t be ridden without them. The new model fits my young mule! Fantastic long wearing and easy to put on with my arthritic hands.

Claudia webb

I LOVE these new Enduros. Once I got them dialed in and watched a few videos, I have it down pat and I think they’re way better than the original boots. Thank you so much for sizing them for me. I feel that this is the best boot out there for my mare.

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