Scoot Boots sponsors Julien Anquetin’s top two horses

Ranked 8th in France and 88th in the world, equestrian rider Julien Anquetin has been super busy on the events circuit.


Having notched up 338 events already this year, Anquetin is well on target for his FEI goals. 


Given his performance in March this year at the 2023 Saut Hermès, Anquetin is definitely on the rise, winning the €26,200 Hermès Sellier Prize CSI 5 against number 3 in the world, Julien Epaillard - by just one-hundredth of a second.


Helping secure the win was Julien’s French Saddle gelding Blood Diamond du Pont, one of Anquetin’s top two horses along with Z ice Cube Z.


Both horses are officially sponsored by Scoot Boots after they arranged a personal sizing and fitting visit to the Ecuries Julien Anquetin stables in Rouen Normandy. 


The visit was coordinated by Scoot Boot Stockist Marjanka Lever from EquiSchoen who had expert fitter and trimmer Barbara Hoekstra go and meet Anquetin’s marshal and grooms. 


Anquetin said he also uses Scoot Boots on his younger horses Casalito, 9 and Farah 8.


“Scoot Boots really correspond to many horses, even the youngest. I haven’t used them in competition yet because I’m still making adjustments, but I use them every day at home and I’m extremely satisfied with them,” he said.


Julien Anquetin competes all over the world, mostly in Belgium, Switzerland and Germany but also in France for the internationals such as Grimaud and the grand competitions in Paris and Equita Lyon.