Helping Farriers Learn The Benefits Of Barefoot

Registered farrier since 1975 and now dedicated barefoot specialist, Robbie Richardson is one of the UK’s leading authorities on using and adapting hoof boots on horses.

Richardson understands the resistance some farriers may have towards considering hoof boots as an alternative, given their extensive training in traditional shoemaking.

He has been a long-term user of Scoot Boots and believes all farriers should have the opportunity to learn more about hoof boots and adaptations and add those skills to their tool kit. 

Richardson’s practice involves initially fitting horses with boots and customising them as necessary, resulting in more efficient solutions and maintaining income stability.

“Being able to offer a vet/farrier/trimmer or owner the option of fitting a boot with an adaptation for any compromise is so helpful,” he said.

“It means no longer nailing a surgical shoe on and waiting for the result, which if successful could mean it will be on for 4/6 weeks, and if it isn’t then will need to be replaced asap.”

Richardson recently published his latest book “So you want to take your horse barefoot”, helping horse owners, vets, farriers, and trimmers during the transition of their horse going barefoot. You can find his book here.

In the field of farriery, Richardson recognises the reliance on anecdotal evidence and eagerly anticipates the release of research papers to substantiate the benefits of boots and barefoot referral work. 

Collaborating with experts like Mark Johnson, known for his expertise in equine dissections and movement, has been instrumental. 

Together, they're pioneering courses to empower farriers to incorporate boot fitting and alteration into their skill set.

His commitment to the barefoot approach has been reinforced by advancements in boot design and materials, along with boot companies' openness to farrier input. 

Today, both renowned farriers are using Scoot Boots as an integral part of their approach, continuing their journey of advocating for innovation and progress within the field of farriery.