Nothing is Stopping us From Having Fun This Summer!

Eldi showing off her scoots!
We both feel so lucky to have these high quality boots with us now in the dry-summer-months!🙌🏼☀️ She usually becomes a bit sore in her feet now, but not with the scootboots. Thanks to the boots, we can go on long rides along the gravel-road in walk, trot and even canter without worrying about Eldi’s feet! And what’s even more perfect is that they are perfect to use in the terrain as well🙏🏼 So nothing is stopping us from having fun this summer🤘🏼🌾🤪
Photo: @ingeborggrane
Eldi is wearing her awesome Scoots from @scootbootsdownunder , go check out their website for more info about the boots! ✨ #scootboots#scootbootsdownunder

@poniesliberty (Instagram)

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