Skye just loves her new Scoot Boots

Another happy equine customer Skye had her owner send us a note of thanks after she did her first ride in her new Scoot Boots. 

Skye is a senior horse based in Sterling, Virginia.

With 20% arthritis she was finding it more and more difficult to go out on rides prompting her owner, Victoria Whitehead, to try Scoot Boots. 

After confirming her size with the Scoot Boot Sizing Team, Victoria placed the order and found the fit perfect. 

Here is what she wrote: 

I wanted to thank you for your product!! I have my horse back!!!! I rode her in the boots for the first time (I did have her walk a few times prior to riding her in them.) My horse moved so beautifully!!! ... I am grateful for my decision to purchase the Scoot Boots.  It feels like this extended her life!!! 

P.S We left all the exclamation marks in to show the excitement. Thanks Skye and Victoria for sharing!